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Gambling is a vertical that carries the entire direction of gambling. One of the advantages of gambling is the possibility of making good money, but only with the right approach, special knowledge and practice. This vertical has a drawback, which is unstable traffic, but it is compensated by cash payments, especially when you cooperate with a reliable affiliate program. Further in the article, we will share what types of gambling offers exist and how to successfully get started in this area.

Types of gambling offers

Casino. This option gives the opportunity to win to those who have luck and skills. The Best Real Money Online Casino offer a large selection of games: roulette, slot machines, lottery, poker, quizzes, and various table games.

Betting. These are sports betting and other important events provided by bookmakers. They offer the player to make a bet and if it passes, the bookmaker pays out the winnings. The most popular are bets on American and classic football as well as basketball.

Lotto. This is a game where winnings depend on a random selection of a certain number on a ticket. Lotto draws take place at a strictly defined time. Lotto options include scratch cards, prize draws, and instant lotto.

Bingo. It is one of the lotto forms. The bottom line is that the host pulls out random numbers, and if they match those on the player’s card ,they shout “Bingo”. The player wins and takes all the winnings.

Mahjong. This is a game for four players using dice. The point is to score as many points as possible by collecting the most valuable combination of a given number of dice. Players require observation, experience and a good memory.

Crypto. This is a fresh direction of the CPA market. Such offers contain proposals for the type of earnings on currency fluctuations. Cryptocurrency is a great opportunity to earn money without big investments or special risks.

Tools to get started

Antidetect browser is software that allows affiliates to bypass anti-fraud systems, prepare accounts and avoid blocking. Such applications allow you to replace the user, simulating the activity of another person. If you are new to affiliate marketing,you can set up standard computer browsers for anti-detection  for the time being. And if you want to choose third-party applications, buy them only on official websites to avoid scammers.

Proxy servers are intermediate servers that act as an intermediary between the client and the target server. A proxy allows you to keep the user anonymous and protect their computer from hacker attacks. Such servers are often used by Online Casino For Real Money. There are 2 proxy options - SSH and mobile proxies. The second one is better because it works faster and allows you to  log into the accounts of any geo.

Spy services are tools that allow an affiliate marketer to spy on what their сщгтеукзфкеі are launching. This is a database of all advertisements that have been shown before or are currently running in a particular traffic source. Such services help to make profit from the start if you take top promo materials of competitors and make them unique.

Photoshop + Sony Vegas, their analogues, or a designer at hand are something that will help to make your promo materials unique. At the start, use promo materials of competitors, but remember that you need to adapt them for your needs. Thus, you will increase ROI by 15-20%.

Gambling applications in the Play Market or App Store are designed to conveniently transfer traffic through them from Facebook. You can take applications from an affiliate program, but then the ROI will be 0%. Therefore, most often affiliates rent an application or create their own.

Payment services. This is about payment methods on Facebook. One card must be linked to each account, and FB can also ban all cards in a chain - this is what hurts all affiliates. To avoid this, we advise you to buy plastic cards from the bank, since virtual cards cannot spend more than $100.

Components of an ideal application to drive traffic to gambling offers

There are a huge number of applications in the affiliate market. Some are rented, and some can even be given for free. But no one thinks about their quality. Therefore, we selected several components with which you can determine whether the application is suitable for gambling.

A good rating shows the true choice of users. Thanks to this, giant games are becoming more and more popular. Affiliates should pay attention to user reviews and ratings.

Positive reviews are proof that the app is trusted. And their number must be controlled by adding new ones from the exchange.

The ability to push users with push notifications. The text of notifications can go, for example, like this: “Replenish your account by n$ before a certain date and we will double your deposit”. Such messages motivate users to open the application.

What program to choose?

There are a large number of affiliate programs on the network and it can be very difficult to finally choose the right one. In order not to make a mistake, we offer a few points that you should pay attention to:

Product. Check out the affiliate program offers. We recommend choosing those that you liked from the first sight. After all, if you like this offer, others will too.

Offers. When an affiliate program offers a wide variety of offers, this is great. First, you will have plenty to choose from. Second, it shows the effectiveness of the affiliate program.

Reward. Check with the affiliate program in advance about the frequency and amount of payments.

Support. It is very important that the support service in the affiliate program works like clockwork. Otherwise, you should not choose this platform as you will be ignored or incorrectly answered questions.

It is really possible to earn decent money in gambling even if you are a beginner. Just follow our Real Money Gambling Tips that will  help you choose the right affiliate program and start making money in the nearest future.

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