A Guide To The Popular New Trend Of Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual Sports Betting – An Exciting New Way To Bet On Sports

Though part of the same general industry, casinos and sports betting have traditionally always been fairly separate. After the online betting industry took over though, things began to change. First online casinos began rocketing to success, with online sports betting, though slower, eventually also gaining ground. Now, both online casinos and sports betting sit at the top of the roost, supplanting even the once mighty land-based casinos. Today many online betting sites offer both.

It was only inevitable, that along the way, someone would experiment with some sort of combination of the two, and so, virtual sports betting was born.

What Is It & How Does It Work?

Virtual sports betting is just like regular sports betting, though with a few key differences.

First of all, all of the sports involved aren’t actually real. Instead, they are a digital simulation of sports games, run through a random number generator. The RNG mechanism is used in almost all online games to create random chance and provide the outcomes for games.

Virtual sports betting also runs entirely on stats, so you don’t watch any games being played, nor do you have to wait for them though. Some virtual sports betting games do, however, have the option of simulating a game in real-time for the purpose of live betting.

Otherwise, all the betting options and strategies are generally the same as regular sports betting, with perhaps just a few minor extras and variations.

What Are The Benefits & Drawbacks?

Virtual sports betting holds a range of benefits that have become the major reason for its rise in popularity.

  • Because the sports are virtual, games and matches can be played, and bet on, on an uninterrupted 24-7 basis, and don’t have to rely on set times, seasons, or weather.
  • The results are fast and convenient for bettors, creating greater excitement and fun.
  • Provides a more casual form betting entertainment, similar to live casino online
  • Anyone can easily learn to play.

A few minor drawbacks, though, may not make it ideal for everyone.

  • It’s just a game and not real sports betting. The numbers, stats, and results are all completely computer-generated. Therefore, sports in the real world do not apply.
  • Because it’s more casual than regular online sports betting, the winnings tend to come in smaller amounts.

Where To Play Virtual Sports Betting Games?

Many major online sports books as well as online casinos are now offering virtual sports betting to their customers. Though football is generally the most popular, other major sports including in racing is also offered.

Before signing up its recommended that you do a bit of research. Explore a few different sites and read reviews and user comments to find the best games and offerings available.


Though virtual sports betting is obviously not the same as the real deal, it does however fit a certain niche for casual bettors. If you’re not sure where you fall, why not give it a try? It may be just the thing for you.

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